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Black Stains | 2007 | 10 min.

The criticism of the art market and the related machinery raises the question about social and political values of art. Is art capable to provide the instruments for a radical review of the society? And how to be radical at all in the context of art without becoming an integral part of what we oppose?

The work deals with the connection between history, guilt, art and money. It is a fragmentary collection of situations, such as a military scene in which soldiers are shooting at invisible Palestinians, an art auction at the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel, a group of anarchists in a clandestine activity and the relation between an art collector and an attractive young and ambitious painter. The film presents a collection of clashing forces, edited as a sort of self-flagellation indicating guilt. extra footage, Camera Bili'in:
Yisrael Puterman


Uri Levinson
Noga Shalev

Sound Mix:
Rafi Chen
This filmpart of the project "Geld and Guilt"
Curator: Yael Katz Ben Shalom | Artneuland

Thanks to: Keren Manor | Elli Levy | Keren Shayo | Amit Israel | Yaron Levy
Yotam Ronen | Ben Ronen | Ruth Horodi | Yael Katz Ben Shalom

This film was produced with the support of the New Israeli Fondation for Cinema and Television