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Partial Fraction | 2010 | 45 min.

All scenes documented in this video work happened just outside our doorstep. Almost every scene of “Partial Fraction” was filmed within a radius of a few hundred meters from our home. This is a view of our immediate neighborhood, intimate and strange at the same time.

Starting filming we gave in to the illusion that we are embarking on a journey through a multiethnic urban microcosm: Jews, Arabs, Migrant Workers, Refugees, all characteristics of Israeli society embodied in one single neighborhood.

Shapira is a neighborhood unlike any other in Tel Aviv, that would prove that things can be done differently. But in newly blossoming Tel Aviv the demand for properties increased. The stigmatized areas of the city became a sudden object of investor’s desire, and caused a significant turn –around in the prospect for the still decaying quarter.

A new population with good economic potential stands now against the disadvantaged veteran and migrant population. While gentrification is heavily knocking on our doors, the film is a plea for diversity.

Original sound track: Yaniv Kuris