Tel Aviv Works 2005-2012,
Cheb Kammerer & Sharon Horodi

Partial Fraction
Divided Utopia.Video Essay
Last Things : Trilogy
Black Stains
Blind Spots
Simply a Love Song

The Divided Utopia of N. Shaanan

Shapira's Letterboxes

Public Screenings / Shapira Neighborhood

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Sharks | Street Art

If sharks were men, writes Brecht, it would preach that little fish only really begin to live properly in the sharks’ stomachs, and all the little fish would believe it and swimm enthusiastically into the jaws of the sharks.

Gentrification occurs as a process that gathers significant momentum over time.
1st step:
"Urban pioneers" move into run-down areas with potential for redevelopment. The urban pioneers are usually artists and other groups who are tolerant of problems associated with the inner city.
2nd step:
Over time, these urban pioneers help to redevelop and “fix-up” run down areas. After doing so, prices go up and the lower income people present there are priced out and replaced with middle and upper income people. These people then demand greater amenities and housing stock and businesses change to cater to them, again raising prices.
3rd step:
These rising prices then force out the remaining population of lower income people and more middle and upper income people are attracted, perpetuating the cycle of gentrification.