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Last Things : Trilogy | 2007

Part I: The Colony | 3:50 min.
"The Colony" describes the collapse of an imaginary society, wherein homelessness became the societal default. Facing their weak condition, the inhabitants are putting all effort on outward defense. The situation inside deteriorates. The colony is no longer a suitable space for regular living conditions. The work refers to an environmental phenomenon called "Colony Collapse Disorder". This syndrome describes the sudden mass exodus of adult honey bees from their hive, leaving their queen, food stores and the young behind.

Part II : The Green Shadow | 5:00 min.
Throughout history, people have left their native lands for a variety of reasons: religious or racial persecution, lack of political freedom and economic deprivation. Refugees and migrants are an integral part of our daily life, though they stay unfamiliar of us. The film shows a Chinese worker sitting by a roundabout in the shade of an olive tree, far away from his native land, imported as a temporarily workforce. If he could dig a pit, deep enough , he might be able to reach his home through this hole.
In the context of the film, the feeling of the migrant worker relates to the images of the uprooted olive trees. During the recent years many thousands of olive trees were uprooted by the Israeli army in order to make place for building the separation wall or the expanding of settlements. Those Olive trees, that belong to Palestinian farmers in the Westbank were brought to Israel. Here they were particulary planted in the middle of traffic circles or decorate the entrances to small towns and villages

Part III: The Sinking Sun | 5:00 min.
"The Sinking Sun" is an urban legend, framed by rumors of the arrival of the Messiah and apocalyptic warnings of a horrific war, set in an atmosphere of politcal crises and latent social decay...